Open source and where to find it.

The best place to find an open source is Github, so I started a hunt for some interesting project from this mysterious place. The goal was simple (it wasn’t) – research a three potential projects on which we probably can work in a future. Sounds simple isn’t it? However for a young student like me it was a little bit tricky, because of two factors which i need to put into a count. Ether I’ll look for a projects which will be interesting to me OR I’ll look for some projects which will be useful for me in a future. After long time thinking about which one to pick I decided to go with interesting part. As a result, all choices which were made are based only on my interests not on how useful these projects will be for me in a future. So here we have these guys:

Golang – i think after this it should be a description or how cool this language is, but not today. The reason for this is that I didn’t work with it at all. The only thing i know about Golang is that this language is very new and that one of my friends almost worship this language. I heard from him about how cool it is so many times that only this fact makes me to choose it as my first option. It always good to learn something new so why not to give it a try.

Playcanvaswas my second project which i chose. It’s a open source game engine which allows to play games in different browses without need to install plugins. It’s something completely new to me too, but I’m little bit curious about games and VR, so decided to choose it as an option.

Angular it was my last project of choice mostly because I currently working with angular on my implementation part of project and want to say I like it.

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