First part of Release #2

The most difficult part of this release is to actually find a bug. My first idea was to just search through GitHub by use label “Good first issue”. It wasn’t the best idea. This kind of search is so confusing. Some of the issues are just empty or not descriptive at all. After few hours I gave up on this kind of search. The next step was to use some links provided by teacher. First one was Up for grabs. Unfortunately didn’t find anything good on this site. Next site where I tried to find my first bug was GitHub Help Wanted. Found some projects on this one but still didn’t check if I’ll manage to fix these bugs. The main reason is setup of working environment which takes some time.

Also in a slack there are good projects for contribution too. I found 2 good projects in slack in which I’m interested too. One is the project suggested by teacher and the other one is to help other students translate react into Ukrainian language which is a good option cause I’m from Ukraine too.

Even though I didn’t manage to fix my first bug during first week I’ll try to catch up with everyone during next few weeks.

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